Below are slideshows of all of our adventures with captions.  Most recent is at the top.  Some slideshows are oriented toward adults and others oriented towards kids and young students.

Japan (116)

Vietnam (135)

Vietnam Highlights (70)

Cambodia (57)

Cambodia Kids (56)

Thailand (128)

Thailand Kids (89)

India Part 2 (108)

India Part 2 Kids (81)

India Part 1

Highlights (77)

Full Version (179)–EzWDs7wtgh8HawQ0eRsYxawf67hLt5Naqq

Kids (129)

Hong Kong (54)

Hong Kong Kids (49)

New Zealand 2


New Zealand 1


Australia Part 4 – The Great Inland Route

Australia Part 4 Kids

Australia Part 3 – The Northern Tropics

Australia Part 3 Kids

Australia Part 2 – The Coast (60)

Australia Part 2 – Kids (59)

Australia Part 1 – Sydney (51)

Sydney Kids (50)

Zimbabwe – Botswana – Namibia Slideshow (84)

Zimbabwe – Botswana – Namibia Kids Slideshow (77)

South Africa Part 3 (80)

South Africa Part 3 Kids Slideshow (67)

South Africa Part 2 (98)

South Africa Part 2 KIDS (73)

South Africa Part 1 (111)

Morocco Slideshow (151)

Morocco Kid’s Slideshow (109)

Egypt Slideshow (65)–ePrW_offYg8klCSGpYRvh9QBKPio5f

Egypt Kid’s Slideshow (65)

Romania Slideshow (38)

Romania Kid’s Slideshow (33)

Turkey Slideshow (64)

Turkey Kids Slideshow (48)

Greece Highlights Slideshow (29)

Greece Slideshow (77) (contains Highlights above)

Greece Kids Slideshow (62)

Croatia Slideshow (73)

Croatia Kid’s Slideshow (58)

Budapest Slideshow (39)

Budapest Kid’s Slideshow (37)

Paris Slideshow (53)

Paris Kid’s Slideshow (56)



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  1. I’m so glad your website is up and running. Enjoy yourselves and keep taking pictures, they’re great!

  2. Fasinating to watch and truly enjoy thru your eyes. Meg and John shared your wonderful web site with us. The Lothrops

  3. Excellent photos! What make is your camera? Wonderful composition! Will follow your progress. Enjoy! Jane

  4. Mr. Bitgood’s student (our daughter) shared your wonderful adventures with us. We really enjoyed your slideshow of Morocco. Thank-you. Mr. Bitgood shares your adventures with his classes after lunch and they look forward to it.

  5. thank you, thank you for the time and effort expended to continually update this for all of us armchair travelers. it is much appreciated by many.

  6. hi i am so jelous of you guys and so what is your favorite part about this trip i mean o my god this is amazing with the pictures and what has been the most nerveraking part

  7. Hi jalbert family my name is tyler Andrews.
    I am in Jason Bitgood/ Mr.Bitgood’s Math class. Sorry to here about Mrs.Jalbert. Mr.B just toled us to day. I am realy exited with this website.
    Say HI to Henry and Oliver for me.

    Tyler Andrews
    P.S. Oliver cool name and henry NICE Ferrari shirt.

  8. You guys must love seeing all those animals. My math teacher is Jason Bitgood.

    P.S. What is your favorit animal?

  9. You guys must be having so much fun.My math teacher is Mr. Bitgood. He shows your pictures and blogs after lunch some times and they are really cool. What is your favorite place so far and what are/is your favorite animal(s)?

  10. Glad to see that you are safe at home. What now?

  11. We are very impressed. What a wonderful opportunity you gave your boys!
    Damaris & David

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